Robert Bardy is an experienced professional 3D animator with a variety of experience in his 12 years in the business. His animation work can be seen in major feature films and commercials, children's stories translated to DVD and in video games.

He takes special pride in his history of delivering product of the highest quality within the budgeted time. His natural leadership skills have placed him in supervisory roles with artistic and organizational responsibilities.

Robert's strengths are in facial and full body animation of humans and creatures yet he enjoys making anything and everything 'move'. The bulk of his work has been in the Maya package with experience in Motion Builder and XSI. He especially enjoys projects intended for a children's audience.

For two years, Robert has worked in Motion Builder with motion capture data and recently returned from Manila, The Philippines where he trained a novice animation team to edit and animate motion capture data in Motion Builder.

Many years of experience and training as an actor for camera and the stage have been invaluable to his understanding and execution of timing and dramatic moment.

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